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Brickwork is a staple feature in homes and front gardens. Frequently used as a practical element in outdoor spaces, garden brickwork in London is a specific skill that requires an experienced hand. Brickwork can add a beautifully rustic element to your garden design, and our experts are who to come to, ensuring it’s installed to the highest standard. To discuss brickwork for your home, get in touch with our professional team on 020 8769 7321.

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When might I need brickwork in my garden?

Brickwork can be a very versatile garden feature. With the longevity of brickwork and its classic style, it is worth including it into your space.

Terra Firma Landscapes - Garden brickwork

A low wall in your front garden

Many homes have a low wall in their front garden, and our team are the experts to consult when you’re considering garden wall ideas. With our expert bricklaying and quality materials, your wall will be durable and stylish.

Terra Firma Landscapes - Garden brickwork

Levelling your patio

Brickwork is also used as a retention technique. If your garden is sloped, a patio may not be feasible. Many homeowners want a patio space for versatility, so carving out a level surface with brick may be the solution you need.

Terra Firma Landscapes - Garden brickwork

Creating stairs

If your garden is on a slight slope, you may decide to include steps so that you can easily navigate your outside space. These stairs can be made from brickwork and provide both practicality and style.

Terra Firma Landscapes - Garden brickwork

Frame your garden beds

Garden beds are often held by sleepers, but brickwork can also be used to same effect. Bricks add a rustic style and are a durable option for your garden beds. They are bound to complement the plants you grow.

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Structural engineering for your garden wall in London

If your garden wall is over 1.2m high, a structural engineer will need to work on the project. At Terra Firma Landscapes, we provide a comprehensive service. If your design requires a structural engineer, we will be able to provide this so that you still benefit from a start-to-finish, faultless service from us.

Terra Firma Landscapes - Garden brickwork

Terra Firma Landscapes - Garden brickwork

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