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At Terra Firma Landscapes, part of our expertise lies in creating block paving solutions to enhance durability, functionality and charm. Working with properties across London, our family-run team has more than four decades of combined experience in turning garden visions into long-lasting realities. In our design, we strike harmony between durability and a stunning appearance. Explore your options for block paving in London, call us on 020 8769 7321.

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For years, we have been laying block paving in properties across London. Our clients, past and present, have kindly left reviews for you to browse. When working with us, expect only the best.

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As one of London’s leading block paving companies, we are proudly supported by an array of accreditations and memberships. Holding combined paving experience of over forty years, we have developed an unmatched level of expertise. At every stage, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and showcasing the values we stand for.

The benefits of block paving in London


Consciously seeking eco-friendly options, we source our block paving from Marshalls who create the blocks through use of a concrete press. We are aware the impact we create, and strive for the greenest approach with every service. This creates a sustainable driveway solution which is kinder to the planet, and lower on cost.


Block paving is traditionally and most-commonly used for driveways due to the durability of the concrete blocks. Block paving slabs are reliable – they aren’t prone to cracking under the weight of a stationary vehicle. Their durability allows them to be versatile – they can be laid on both sloped surfaces and flat ground.


Drainage is a crucial factor in the laying of paving. Block paving provides the ability to integrate a drainage system between the concrete blocks. By separating these blocks with tailored stones instead of sand, water can seep through and drain from the driveway.

Block paving installation: Your options

Our experts hold knowledge in every aspect of block paving, from the materials and installation to drainage methods, and are happy to consult with you on the specificities of your home.

Block paving

Block paving is widely considered to be the more functional, durable solution for driveways. With excellent structure, quality and appearance, their concrete material provides a reliable solution that lasts. Block paving repair and maintenance remains simple. Although rarely required, our team can lift and remove the individually damaged block with ease, before replacing it with a fresh concrete block.

Clay paving

Clay paving blocks are more frequently seen in back gardens, and are considered a worthy investment for a beautiful, aesthetic finish. As the clay creates a thinner brick, they can be laid in more intricate designs, such as herringbone. The appearance creates a more rustic finish, and there is expanded opportunity for a choice of colours and tones. Clay paving can create a beautiful eye-catching feature and repair and maintenance is simple.

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Are you looking to enhance the style and functional appeal of your space in London? Get in touch with our block paving experts to explore the options for your garden. Call us on 020 8769 7321 or send us an email at info@terrafirmalandscapes.co.uk.

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