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In the city, garden space can be limited. Whether the space available to you is on a balcony or very small, these are parameters our expert team can work with! A lack of space won’t stop you from having a garden to be proud of. There are options that can maximise your space; our team consult with you to create the best possible city garden landscaping in London. If you’d like your very own transformation, call us on 020 8769 7321.

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Components of city landscaping in London: What we can do

Working with the limited space available with city gardens, there are a multitude of design techniques that we can utilise to ensure we make the most of your outdoor area. These can consist of…


Zoning in your city garden can create different focus points. Zoning can consist of beds, trellises, and paving and tiles. The benefit of this is to create multiple focal points in the form of height and depth, giving the illusion of more space.


Mirrors are a helpful addition to small spaces in general, and in your outdoor space they can make a startling difference! Reflecting light, they can make your city garden feel so much more spacious.

Wall plants

If there is limited floor space in your city garden, but you’re keen to introduce greenery and vibrant flowers, using height can be a smart solution. Utilising your walls with a trellis can be your opportunity to incorporate plants.

Garden beds

Garden beds don’t have to be large to make an impact. Even if your city garden is very small, a couple of garden beds can allow you to include plants and flowers and ensure that nature is included in your outside space.

Thoughtful design

Making a garden look stunning whilst working in a small space can be difficult – it requires thoughtful design. This is what our team excels in, and we ensure that your compact space is just as impactful as the larger ones.

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Working with our expert team at Terra Firma Landscapes, you will be able to experience the passion we have for the creation of a beautiful garden. We welcome challenges, which is why we would love to transform your space. With our design team we will make something beautiful, ensuring you can be proud of your garden, no matter how small.

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