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Stylish garden iron gates in London: Reliable iron work

Many homeowners find that by installing garden iron gates in their London property, the finishing touches are complete. With their unique textures and finishes, ironwork adds a striking element to your garden. Our team has years of experience in garden design, our landscaped gardens are always the talking point with neighbours and guests of our clients. With a multitude of ironwork design possibilities, your garden is guaranteed to impress. Call 020 8769 7321 to enquire.

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What could garden railings in London homes provide?

Iron railings can serve many purposes in your garden. With their classic material, iron railings can provide your space with both aesthetic beauty and durability.

Terra Firma Landscapes - Iron work

Front garden gates

Ironwork can be used to create stunning garden gates, providing an unforgettable first impression of your home. Your metal garden gates could even be automated, allowing you to increase the security of your property.

Support in structures

Iron can act as a supportive material within your garden structures. We work in collaboration with structural engineers, and so if your brick wall or your timber veranda requires extra support, this can be done with ironwork.

Terra Firma Landscapes - Iron work

Iron railings on your front wall

In front gardens, homeowners often opt for a low wall to separate their garden and the road. Iron railings can make a beautiful addition to this wall, adding a contemporary element and variation in the style of your space.

Achieve design variation with iron gates in London

Ironwork can provide you with a variety of designs that you can make the most of. We provide three main options: contemporary, filigree or a twisted iron design. If you have something specific in mind, please request it – we’re dedicated to achieving your dream. We have a selection of iron finials to adorn the top of the railings.

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Our brochure can provide you with the detailed information you need, helping you decide on what your garden needs.

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The quality of our wrought iron gates in London

At Terra Firma Landscapes, we are proud to offer work to the highest standard. When providing Victorian railings for your garden renovation, we work with materials of the highest quality. Our ironwork supplier conducts our request to ensure an incredible mixture of durability and style. We offer nothing but the best for our clients.

Terra Firma Landscapes - Iron work

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Working with our experts

The way our team interacts with clients ensures that we can provide everything you are looking for. Our main priority is achieving the garden you’ve been dreaming of, and excellent communication helps us to do this. Our values include respect, integrity, accountability, versatility and sustainability. If you’re happy, so are we.

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