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Gorgeous garden rooms in London homes

Looking to extend your living space and create an outdoor masterpiece? Our garden rooms in London could be for you. As a reliable structure, your new garden room can provide freedom. As well as giving you the opportunity to use the garden room how you would like, there are aesthetic benefits to having this structure. It can even add value to your home. The standard of our work can elevate your property. Call 020 8769 7321 to get started.

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How to use your garden workshop in London: The possibilities

There is so much freedom in the installation of luxury garden rooms in London homes. Instantly adding value to your property, you might decide to treat your home to…

Terra Firma Landscapes - Garden rooms

A home office

Now that working from home is becoming the norm, you deserve a space to be productive in. Use your garden room to preserve your work/life balance.

Terra Firma Landscapes - Garden rooms

A home gym

Travelling to the gym is often what discourages some of us from going. Make the short trip just to your garden, and enjoy your workout in the comfort of your home.

Terra Firma Landscapes - Garden rooms

A child’s haven

Having a dedicated playroom for your children in your garden space can encourage so much development for them. There is so much opportunity for fun in the garden.

Terra Firma Landscapes - Garden rooms

An additional bedroom

An additional bedroom in your garden can create so much freedom to invite guests over, or even rent out your garden room for some extra income.

Terra Firma Landscapes - Garden rooms

A bar space

In the summer months, there’s nothing better than eating outside and enjoying a cold drink. A bar space in the garden can help you do this, and could be useful when entertaining guests.

The process of installing garden pods in London

You might be wondering how your garden pod will be installed. This is a process that our team handles, ensuring you won’t have to worry about a thing. We will lay the groundworks, levelling the surface and including retention if necessary. We create a strong base to hold the structure, installing reliable foundations. We work with InFrame for our garden rooms, who are at the top of their industry and create the buildings to an incredible standard.

A comprehensive service

We provide a comprehensive and versatile service, ensuring that your garden fulfils your wishes. From laying the foundations, to transforming the surrounding garden once the room is complete, we offer an entire transformation. Your garden room deserves to be nestled in a gorgeous garden, which is where our landscape design comes in.

Terra Firma Landscapes - Garden rooms

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Seamless project management for your new garden office in London

Our team at Terra Firma Landscapes are experienced in seamless project management. We handle your project from beginning to end, no matter how big or small. From city garden transformations to the installation of your garden office in London, you will experience a smooth process with a spectacular end result.

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