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Your property’s kerb appeal can be transformed by block paving. Professional block paved driveway installation will make a dramatic difference to the outside of your property, creating the welcoming entrance you desire. To understand the care and attention to detail that goes into one of these block paved driveway projects, arrange a consultation with a member of our team on 0207 8769 7321.

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Your trusted block paved driveway company in London

With a wealth of experience to draw upon, we’ll bring our passion and expertise to your project. A block paved driveway must be laid with meticulous care to ensure a stable and even result. Our team follow a clear set of values to make sure that their focus is always on one thing – creating a dream space for you to fall in love with.

Block paved driveway installation in London: The benefits

A block paved driveway makes a statement, adding a sense of elegance that can’t be matched by the alternatives. However, this doesn’t mean that they offer style over substance:

  • Natural

    Block paving is available in a choice of natural materials that will perfectly complement your surrounding landscaping.

  • Versatile

    The timeless appeal that these driveways offer makes them a fantastic choice for many different property types. After all, they are a staple of British architectural design.

  • Durable

    Block paving has the resilience to withstand regular use. Once the individual blocks have been carefully laid in place, you can expect them to last for years.

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Creating a strong foundation

We ensure that all our block paved driveways are laid on a solid, stable base to prevent sinkage. As a driveway withstands vehicle weight, our team will account for the extra stress with a 150mm layer of crushed compacted gravel and 20mm layer of Grano or sand. The blocks are closely laid on top of this base and sand is brushed between them to limit movement. Taking this initial care prevents the driveway from sinking under the weight of parked cars.

Block paved driveway maintenance

Caring for your block paved driveway is straightforward. The blocks are remarkably hardy and can be individually replaced if needed. This prevents repairs from being too disruptive. The surface can be swept clear from debris and can also stand up to pressure washing if a deeper clean is required. If you’d like to keep your driveway in peak condition, our team will be happy to handle any maintenance needs.

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