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Turfing in London gardens: Elevate your space

There’s nothing better than the feeling of fresh grass! If you’ve been longing for the vibrancy of healthy grass in your garden, our team can achieve this with brand-new turfing. Turfing is the process of laying rolls of fresh grass for the roots to grow into your surface. Our team can transform your garden, from the design through to the laying of your turfing and the finishing touches. Freshen up your garden with turfing in London by calling 020 8769 7321.

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We would love a consultation with you to discuss how you’d like to enhance your garden. Call us on 020 8769 7321, email info@terrafirmalandscapes.co.uk or fill out our contact form for a quick response.

Why opt for lawn turf in London?

Turfing is a wonderful addition to your garden space. There are so many benefits, which you are welcome to explore with our knowledgeable team during your consultation.

A fresh, vibrant appearance

The installation of turfing will provide you with an instant improvement in the aesthetic of your garden. The vibrant green colour will exude freshness in your space, allowing you to boast about your garden and be proud of your lawn.

The use of natural materials

If you’re a lover of natural materials and are fond of the feel of real earth beneath your feet, then turfing is the option for you. You can be sure that your choice is environmentally friendly.

Fast results

Laying turfing is a relatively fast process, and there is only around a two-week window within which aftercare is required. After this time, you will be able to relish in your new lawn without worry!

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What is the process of turf installation in London?

With the process of turfing, you can enjoy your new lawn within the month. There is a simple process to go through, and our team at Terra Firma Landscapes will be with you at every step.

  1. Our team will dig down into your current surface around 100mm, preparing the soil and ensuring the surface is ready to lay the turf.
  2. The surface will be covered over with Grade A topsoil. This creates a level surface and an appropriate foundation for laying turf over the top.
  3. The rolled up turf will be laid over the top of the surface. Our team are experts, and will ensure that the finished product is exactly how you wished.
  4. After our team have completed the installation, we will go through the aftercare requirements with you. You will have to water the turfing once a day for around two weeks, and avoid walking on it.

Working with us for turfing services in London

Our team have years of experience in landscaping, and we love creating gardens that our clients feel represents their vision. An individually designed garden from our team will elevate your space to the next level. We offer an honest and transparent service, ensuring your happiness at every stage. We employ sustainable practices, allowing our team and clients to rest assured that we are minimising our impact.

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With our help, your garden will reach its potential. Call us on 020 8769 7321 or email info@terrafirmalandscapes.co.uk to get started.