Outdoor Entertaining

Few things match the pleasure of having friends and family over to share a meal. You do the food, we’ll do the rest.

We always look for the silver lining, and one small positive of the rising temperatures in the UK is that we can all spend much more time outdoors. Our landscaping can transform even the smallest space into an inviting, mood-lifting environment to while away the hours with your favourite people.

Whether you install a stone pizza oven; barbeque pit; bar and food prep zone with counterspace, cupboard and sink; or just need a beautifully paved area to place some planters, chairs and a table, we can help maximise the space, adding value to your home and creating a setting that’s as welcoming and social or as private and peaceful as you please.

Our team know a thing or two about entertaining, and can advise on the best spot to place a barbecue so the sizzle and smoke don’t singe any plants or trees, as well as the best place for a trip-free path to and from the kitchen and when the autumn drizzle starts to fall, the trestle tables and chairs can fit snugly in the storage we build for you.

Whether you like gas-fired or electric heat lamps or dramatic fire pits glowing with hot coals and stones, we will construct a focal point that is not only atmospheric and relaxing but safe and easy to use.

From sleekly contemporary to more traditional rustic styles, Terra Firma’s team can realise your vision for entertaining in the urban wild.

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